AV x Groove Therapy Initiative

Director/DOP: Jay Palmer
Creative Directors: Jack Gibson & Harrison Strewe
Camera & Lighting Assistants: Reece Newnham & Johnathan Oldham
Original Music: Dan Koyama
Stylists: Linda Nguyen, Simon Sun & Kim Sun
Talent: Vanessa Marian & Thanula Abeywardena
Makeup Artist: Carly Lim

Shifting in sync to a custom track by Dan Koyama to celebrate the reestablishment of Apartment and Violent Green, Vanessa Marian’s movements envision a presence and a space that is simultaneously intimate and uninhibited. The founder of Groove Therapy is accustomed to the scene, her abundant and unapologetic expression of self embodying the liberty afforded by belonging to a community sphere that encourages and nurtures authenticity.

The cyclic nature of community is at the heart of Groove Therapy, which provides dance programmes in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne for dancers of all levels, paying particular attention to demographics of social disadvantage. In addition to working alongside medical industry professionals to provide ongoing aged care and dementia classes, Groove Therapy has provided dance workshops for Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, and in Redfern alongside the National Centre of Indigenous Intelligence. In 2017, Groove Therapy launched Groove Rising, a dance programme designed specifically for empowering young refugee girls in Australia. Groove Therapy recognises the cultural and social significance of dance with respect to cultivating a sense of identity and belonging, and respectively, the role dance plays within communities at large.

To facilitate and uplift positive community spheres, Apartment and Violent Green are pleased to announce the launch of a community based initiative. Each time a customer re-uses a tote bag when purchasing in-store, Apartment and Violent Green will donate $2 to a chosen cause, with Groove Therapy setting the scene. To get involved, remember your tote bag next time you shop in-store, or sign up for a class here. To indulge in Vanessa Marian’s insight into Groove Therapy, keep reading.

Level 1, 115 Queen St
Brisbane Q 4000
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