Converse x Fear Of God Essentials

A classic made essential.

In bringing the Chuck Taylor into the understated vision that characterises his ‘Essentials’ range, Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo has created a striking iteration of the iconic sneaker.

Available Tuesday, 04.08.20
In-Store 10 AM, Online 11 AM AEST.

New arrivals; Converse

The iconic basketball shoe and subcultural comfort sole is back in Black, Sunflower, and the new seasonal Midnight Clover colourway.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Carhartt WIP

Utility vests, durable staples, and a collection of short-sleeve shirts. Carhartt WIP continue to expand their purview.

New collection available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Stone Island

Characterized by a relentless quest for innovation, Stone Island’s ability to reinvent remains second to none.

New collection available now in-store and online.

Vans x Neighborhood x Mister Cartoon

Named ‘Uncle Toons Mart’ after a fictional liquor store imagined by Mister Cartoon and Neighborhood, the concept behind this collaboration with Vans sounds like something out of Grand Theft Auto, in which, by no coincidence, Mister Cartoons artwork featured heavily.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Neighborhood

In this new instalment, Neighborhood absorb a myriad of influences into their workwear-inspired aesthetic with their use of tiger stripe camo and irreverent graphics.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; WTAPS

Resolute as ever, WTAPS strive for simplicity in design and quality in production without compromising either.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Good Morning Tapes

French occultists Good Morning Tapes have been at work crafting their latest offerings, replete with cosmic letter formations and imagery.

Available now in-store and online.

Vans x Neighborhood x Mister Cartoon

Vans x Neighborhood x Mister Cartoon.
Available 11.07, 12 PM AEST.

Two of the originals – both Neighborhood and Mister Cartoon were instrumental forces in the shaping of their respective subcultures. A shared passion for the lifestyle that meets at the intersection of tattoo’s and motor culture, converges from half a world apart.

New arrivals; Wacko Maria

WACKO MARIA explore Americana through the aesthetic revolts spearheaded by American misfits against the establishment.

New collection available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Paloma Wool

Barcelona-based label Paloma Wool have developed an aesthetic that is all their own. Combining references to internet culture with timeless shapes and materials, the results land like worn artworks.

Available now in-store and online.

Dr. Martens x Pleasures

Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 Remastered

Punk provocateurs Pleasures balance their iconoclastic approach with reverence for the histories of New Wave and Punk subcultures.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Patta

With their new collection, Amsterdam-based label Patta celebrate their proximity to the sound systems of their city, adapting new silhouettes to their distinctly European streetwear idiom.

Available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; WTAPS

WTAPS are unrivaled in their ability to seamlessly blend various garment shapes in line with their unifying military-inspired aesthetic, resulting in pieces that exude a robust elegance.

New WTAPS available now in-store and online.

New arrivals; Neighborhood

The latest season from Neighborhood creates new space between shapes and angles inherited from military, sports, formal, and traditional Japanese influences.

New drop available now in-store and online.

New arrivals: Aimé Leon Dore

With bright colourblocking reminiscent of NYC’s basketball courts and knits inspired by the yesteryear preserved in some of the city’s diners, Aimé Leon Dore celebrate their city like no other label from the Five Boroughs.

Womens | No Style Without Layers

Layers are comforting, not only physically, but also for the depth they create in their arrangement. With juxtapositions of colour, texture, size, and sheen, layering is where fashion is brought together in the visual language of style.

New arrivals: LF Markey

Lead by ex-Burberry, Sydney born designer Louise Markey, French workwear inspired LF Markey is an archetype of craftsmanship and classic utilitarian design with a soft sensibility. Boiler-suits are a key signature for the brand, inspired by the traditional workwear garment ‘Bleu de Travail’ or ‘work blues’, worn by French factory workers in the 1800’s . The new season is available now in-store and online.

New arrivals: Aries

Built from the paradox of 90’s youth-fashion movements, high fashion and streetwear, Aries pick symbols of the ancient world to juxtapose with contemporary motifs in order to carve out their own playful iconography. The new collection is available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Kowtow

Imbued with soft-hue’s and a continued commitment to exclusive use of renewable and sustainable fibres, New Zealand native Kowtow once again proves that aesthetics needn’t be compromised by ethics. New collection available now.

Latest arrivals: Maple

Inspired by Indigenous and Western assimilation, Canadian based Maple strives to harmonise tradition with innovation. The considered craftsmanship at the centre of the brand ensures that by keeping an earthy, pragmatic aesthetic, each piece is suitable for everyday wear. New styles and a restock of the core favourites are available now.

Latest arrivals: Dr. Martens x Beams x Babylon

Inspired by the rude boys of the 60s, the transnational collaboration blends elements of all three brands to create a truly shared portrait of punk. Beams’ unmistakable orange colour accentuates details throughout and mixes with Babylons hardcore-skate roots and iconic inverted peace sign insignia. A trifecta that underscores Dr. Martens year long 60th anniversary celebration of the iconic 1460 boot. Available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Pleasures

Self-possessed and insubordinate, Pleasures continues their trademark use of colourful graphics and pattern to dazzling effect, always somewhere between irony and defiant sincerity. New collection available now.

Latest arrivals: Stone Island

Building on their foundation of utilitarian design and distinctive use of material, Stone Island’s second drop of the season reaffirms the obvious; the Compass Rose always points true. Available now.

Latest arrivals: Carhartt Womens and Danton

Despite intercontinental differences, Carhartt and Danton do share a strong common vision; contemporary workwear made to last.

Carhartt and Danton are born from extensive American and French workwear sensibilities. Those who choose to wear either, or both, are ensured that their garments are not merely durable and practical, but also original and personal.

Latest arrivals: Maison Kitsuné

With collections that consistently bring a Japanese sensibility to Parisian cool, Maison Kitsuné has garnered a dedicated global following. Helped along of course by their mascot, the Kitsuné Fox; as immediately identifiable as it is hard to pin down.

Latest arrivals: Kenzo

The new collection from KENZO showcases Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s vision for the Parisian label. Firmly rooted in an exploration of the label’s iconic tiger and eye motifs, this season’s collection also exhibits considerable range, with sportswear-influenced pieces and a capsule dedicated to the coastal cultures of the world.

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