Latest arrivals: Maison Kitsuné

With collections that consistently bring a Japanese sensibility to Parisian cool, Maison Kitsuné has garnered a dedicated global following. Helped along of course by their mascot, the Kitsuné Fox; as immediately identifiable as it is hard to pin down.

Latest arrivals: Kenzo

The new collection from KENZO showcases Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s vision for the Parisian label. Firmly rooted in an exploration of the label’s iconic tiger and eye motifs, this season’s collection also exhibits considerable range, with sportswear-influenced pieces and a capsule dedicated to the coastal cultures of the world.

Latest arrivals: Undercover and N.Hoolywood

Fixated on cinema, Undercover designer Jun Takahashi turns his attention this season to the dawn of cinema and the birth of a classic of the horror genre: Nosferatu.

Founded by Daisuke Obana in 2000, N Hoolywood has carved out a niche with a uniquely structural approach to menswear, never failing to surprise in their attention to avant-garde detailing. This year we’re celebrating the label’s 20th birthday, and judging by this collection, Obana shows no signs of slowing down.

Latest arrivals: Baserange

Centered around ‘oneness’ and seperation, the new collection from Baserange is an enquiry into why things are defined as they are. Whether it be love or hate, good or bad, tops or bottoms; rather than defining them, Baserange explores them as singular. Available now in-store and online.

Introducing Reception

With collections of tees featuring bright graphic prints and a penchant for color-blocking, Reception make timeless clothing infused by the joy and nostalgia we associate with our experiences around food.

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that few things make the anxieties of the day fall away quite like a meal shared with friends on a warm summer evening.

Latest arrivals: Converse

With suede uppers, intricate patchwork, and pattern details, the world’s most classic sneaker continues to prove itself a forever adaptable canvas || Available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: P.A.M.

Perks and Mini mine the visual world the way a writer excavates memories. The result: joyful discordance. New collection available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Stone Island

With a long track record of innovative colour and material experimentation, season after season the Compass Rose keeps a steady course into the unknown. New Stone Island available now in-store and online.

Sunnei, Lott Studio and Paloma Wool

Sunnei, Paloma Wool and Lott Studio make accessories at once elemental and striking, bringing unique aesthetic and design fundamentals to every piece.

Latest arrivals: Bukht

Bukht’s latest collection showcases texture and shape in perfect harmony, imbuing distinctive fabrics such as crisp plain weave cotton and a unique wale corduroy with a spacious elegance.

Clarks x Neighborhood

Inspired by Shinsuke Takizawa’s affinity for motorcycle culture and rock’n’roll sensibility, Neighborhood’s latest collaboration with the classic British shoemaker yields distinctive takes on the iconic Wallabee and Desert Trek.

Friday 31.01
In-store 10am
Online 10am

Latest arrivals: Comme des Garçons Homme

Continuing their tradition of experimentation with modern patch work and proportion, the final Comme des Garçons Homme drop of the season still shirks the burden of categorisation.

Introducing Honey Fucking Dijon

Collaborating with Comme des Garçons, Chicago native Honey Dijon got her start as a New York City DJ in the 90’s before bolstering her place as a fashion icon, trans activist and a global musician and producer. The combination of the Japanese fashion house’s prowess with the creative sphere of Dijon, produces a brand one would be proud to have emblazoned on their sleeve.

Available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Pleasures x Joy Division

Peter Saville’s iconic cover artwork comes to life in this new Pleasures x Joy Divison collaborative collection celebrating the 40th anniversary of Unknown Pleasures.

Latest arrivals: Wacko Maria

Tokyo-based iconoclasts Wacko Maria are back with a new range of accessories, apparel, and lifestyle pieces | Available now in-store and online.

Introducing Sunnei

Neither haute couture nor streetwear, Sunnei assert an in-betweenness that should never be equated with incompleteness.

Latest arrivals: Neighborhood

The last Neighborhood drop of the year proudly exhibits the love of motorcycle culture on which Shinsuke Takizawa founded the label in 1994.

Neighborhood x Adidas

Introducing the Ultraboost19 and the Ultraboost All Terrain, the most recent additions to Adidas and Neighborhood’s rich history of collaboration. Two shoes, one goal: traction in all conditions under a lightweight knit upper.

Friday 29.11
In-store 10am
Online 10am

Latest arrivals: WTAPS

You already know the coordinates. Last drop of the year from WTAPS available now in-store and online.

Introducing Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool define themselves as a project, not a label. Embracing the potential ephemerality of the chosen term, every year, Paloma Wool pursue a number of organic collaborations, extending far beyond fashion to breathtaking works of public sculpture and art installations.

Latest arrivals: Pleasures

The new collection from the Los Angeles nuisances is here: brash agitations, techno-paranoia, and iconoclastic imagery.

Latest arrivals: Aimé Leon Dore

Every collection from Aime Léon Dore exudes a warm reverence for the 90s NY of founder Teddy Santis’ childhood. Yet the brand’s nostalgic lens is always put in the service of reinvigoration rather than revival.

Latest arrivals: Verner and Kowtow

With an eye to the stories of the past on which we build our visions of the future, “journeys” is a collaborative collection between Verner founder and head designer Ingrid Verner, and Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander artist Lisa Waup.

Ethically made clothes should come at no sacrifice of style. Season after season, Kowtow remain loyal to this motto.

Undercover x Dr. Martens

Embossed with two of Jun Takahashi’s favorite phrases: “Balance and Chaos” and “We Make Noise Not Clothes,” this Undercover x Dr. Martens 1461 collaboration finds peace in confrontation.


Available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Stone Island

With their new collection, Stone Island build on their trademark garment-dye processes with evocative multi-texture graphics and contrast texture panels. Available now in-store and online.

Latest arrivals: Être Cécile

You don’t need a dictionary to appreciate the way that Être Cécile poke fun at while simultaneously indulging Francophilia.

Latest arrivals: Maple

Canadian jewellery makers Maple are back with a range of chains, pendants, and art deco-style rings crafted from sterling silver 925 with Onyx, Red Garnet, and Labradorite precious stones.

Latest arrivals: Danton

Danton apply contemporary Japanese craft to heritage workwear shapes of denim, canvas, moleskin & poplin with familiar yet striking results. What cloth are you cut from?

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