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There is no better advertising than an eye-catching tee. Early pioneers in streetwear and independent fashion were the first to capitalise on what is now a truism in the fashion industry. Streetwear history is filled with stories of brands with humble beginnings, printing branded graphics on bulk-bought tees. Whether we’re talking about how Pleasures first started courting controversy by printing Kurt Cobain’s suicide note on an early t-shirt or the way that Paris-based label Perks and Mini—originally founded in Melbourne by two graffiti artists—developed a cult following for their digitally derived psychedelic aesthetic, all such origin stories indicate a clarity of vision from the outset and a foundational subcultural community.

As well as crucial to skateboarding subculture, the humble t-shirt stands at the crossroads of music and fashion. As the basic element of music merch, t-shirts have long provided labels such as Good Morning Tapes with a way of further refining their aesthetic. As a result of their innovative approach, the French label was featured in issue six of Record Culture magazine in their overview of the most innovative merch in the music world.

What all of these groundbreaking labels have in common is an ability to create a label and brand that alludes to a whole world beyond the clothes that they produce. At Double Double, part of our unique curated approach to contemporary streetwear and fashion is to identify and promote labels with one-of-a-kind visions, whether this is expressed in distinctive graphics and iconographies like those of Aries, or via the structural modification of wardrobe staples for which Daisuke Obana’s N. Hoolywood label has become renowned.

This includes an array of short and long sleeve tees from labels at the beginning of this journey, such as carbonated water producer turned apparel maker Miracle Seltzer. Originally founded as an interdisciplinary art project, Miracle Seltzer have developed a unique DIY aesthetic influenced by the occult and other pre-digital era ephemera. With a similarly eclectic variety of influences combined with an affinity for the esoteric and subcultural histories of their home city, LA-based label PRMTVO have arisen in recent years as part of a new cohort of young streetwear labels in Southern California. Closer, but not so close, to the Double Double brick-and-mortar store in Brisbane, Perth-based retailer and label Lo-Fi have created a mythology all their own with a selection of t-shirts borne of the label’s groundbreaking international collaborations.

As well as promoting new, young streetwear labels from across the globe, at Double Double we have a longstanding passion for the Japanese labels that lay the groundwork for these newer brands by making contemporary streetwear possible. Graphic and staple t-shirts from seasoned Japanese streetwear labels such as Neighborhood, WTAPS, Undercover, or Wacko Maria celebrate this heritage, while simultaneously looking to the future.

Incorporating Japanese streetwear influence with longer-standing European designer traditions, Franco-Japanese designers Maison Kitsune and Comme des Garçons (PLAY & Homme) produce tees that carry the authority of their labels with minimal branding, resulting in understated pieces at home in European capitals such London, Madrid, and Paris.

Discover the breadth of Double Double’s curated selection of long and short-sleeve tees from streetwear labels and designers, young and seasoned alike.

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