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    Double Double x Brown Cardigan: Thank you, Driver!

    Y2K nostalgia might have the fashion world in a chokehold at the moment, but here in the Southern Hemisphere, our collective upbringing was set in front of a different backdrop than The OC and Dawson’s Creek. It tasted like paddle pops, zooper doopers and hot chips with too much chicken salt; smelt like public pool chlorine and seawater; and was marked by the feeling of getting a second-degree burn from a seatbelt on a hot December day, or sharing headphones on the bus home in the afternoons: not a yellow school-bus, but one with fuzzy seats carpetted in the same crazy designs as your local RSL’s carpet.

    Australian humour is a little bit twisted as well, with our casual pottymouths and daggy pop culture icons. Maybe that’s why, over a decade into their reign as the internet’s chief meme-lords, Brown Cardigan are still going strong. We teamed up with the anonymous duo to develop the Public Transhort – an ode to summer down-under – which we’re proud to launch next week.

    Keep reading to get a rare glimpse into the world, according to BC.

    Brown Cardigan has been in the business of memes for over a decade – will you be slowing down any time soon?

    Never say never (and we’ll probably both die one day) but #realtalk you’ll probs have to pry the Meme-Making Nokias from our cold dead hands. We’d also probably $ell the whole thing for a few cases of Reschs (cans only) and a few kgs of the best backyard gooey Heathcote has ever produced *fingers kiss*

    What are 3 things in the Brown Cardigan office that just make sense? 

    Our office is 100% virtual atm – corner of Zuck Highway and Metaverse Close if we’re speaking literally/virtually. But in the interest of not shirtfronting away from this Q, I’d say a Margaret Thatcher motivation poster with the iconic phrase “If I don’t do it, who will?”, Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter III” and a few dozen freshly-mowed-lawn scented candles.

    What does work/life balance mean to you?

    Bongs during our board meetings, sharing a few nose beers at 2pm Friday knock-off with our favourite shareholders and, of course, washing away the corporate stench with the sweet-to-taste spray of a Bondi barrel.

    Name/link the last thing on the internet that made you laugh.

    Everyday there is something new and fantastic, such is the fruitful bounty of Al Gore’s internet. Lately, we’ve featured dueling lollipop operators, log-lifting beach goers and some legend who installed a pokie machine on his fishing boat. It’s maybe all as good as it sounds.

    Which social media platform would you like to bring back from the graveyard?

    Web 1.0 forever. There’s almost too many to name, but with respect to megabytes, I’d love to see a return of mood boards (Tumblr), emo poetry (LiveJournal) and, of course, a world where eight mates is enough (MySpace).

    Which fleeting internet celebrity do wish had more than 5 minutes of fame? 

    The obvious answer is Hot Dogs… but then, yaknow, he had that late-night game show that ran for what felt like five years, so he’s got a better track record than me, you, everyone, tbf. More recently (this week), I really hope this legend makes it big.


    Favourite beach to visit?

    Catch us catching left hooks down at Austi every other day. The worries of the world don’t know that place even exists.

    Your favourite local busline?

    Under the dark cloak of Covid @dommyP sneakily shut down the 370, which ran a windy road through every street in Sydney and took approximately 14 days to get from start to finish. Such an iconic route.

    Boardies or budgie smugglers?

    Both. Boardies for the public, smugglers for the pubic.

    Wildest thing you’ve ever seen go down at Bondi? 

    Everyday down here is truly a treat. Content just crawling out of every half-baked dad-funded incubator and 14-person 2-bed sharehouse. Whoever took over the reins of AusEntertainment in the wake of Kerry Packer oughta skydrop a coupla bags down, dome-seal the whole suburb and create the greatest reality show ever.

    Can you confirm or deny the rumors that BC will be launching its own cryptocurrency in 2022? 

    Not gonna lie, Brown Coins [™] being the only accepted payment method at our recently renovated milk bar was a big mistake, in hindsight. Especially as we’d misplaced the SHA256 hash key required to activate the first block in that particular blockchain.

    Who’s one celebrity you’d love to collab with?

    We’ve been chasing Schapelle Corby for years. One day, one day.

    Double Double x Brown Cardigan, available now.

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