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    Doubles: Two Twos is a Party

    If someone says Meanjin/Brisbane doesn’t have seasons, they either spend their life in climate-controlled spaces, or they need to pay closer attention. Everyone here immediately recognises the first day of spring, particularly those who’ve spent a winter—no matter how ‘mild’ relative to other locales—between a Queenslander’s thin wooden walls which seem to prove no barrier for the wind. People don’t need to comment on the seasonal change; it’s in their tone, movements, and orientation towards others.

    Yet noticing this change of seasons is important; it provides space to stop, rethink, and reimagine. Our new in-house label Doubles is inspired by such moments, borne as it was of the desire to do something new after the year that was 2020. In a time when many of our bodies are still holding the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic—as well as myriad other ongoing crises—acknowledging the arrival of spring gives us permission to move and be expressive in new ways. In Meanjin/Brisbane, we’re lucky to be able to spend time with friends and loved ones at this time—fingers crossed it stays this way and that with more vaccinations our friends and fam down south will be able to do the same shortly.

    Entitled ‘Funky Rhythm Club Club’ and designed in-house, Doubles is made for the world outside: a one-on-one game on a crisp spring morning; resting in the shade with housemates during an afternoon of gardening; finding your dancing feet at a sweaty rave among strangers; a summer road trip to a swimming hole with friends. As Meanjin/Brisbane’s notorious humidity rises, we’ll get to the point in mid-summer where we eagerly anticipate its departure, playing our role once more in the theatre of the seasons. But while it’s here, the vision for the coming months remains: two is a team; two twos is a party.

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