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    Inner Ear #3: Mu’s Mixtape

    Given that I compiled these tracks during my last few days working at Double Double, a week before new year’s eve, it seemed fitting to make a year-end best-of 2021 playlist—restricted to what is available on Spotify, of course. 

    This playlist roughly moves from hip hop channeling rage, grief, and joy, through various energetic dance and dance-adjacent cuts, to a brief spell of contemporary jazz, before finally landing in an extended space of experimental soundscapes. Though few of these tracks would be classified as ‘protest music,’ they have in different ways provided the rage-fuelled inspiration, moments of respite, and percussive vigor that has driven me through a year that I will always remember as one defined by global insurrection.

    like 2020, the last year was an important one for many political struggles across the world, the closest of which to my heart was the spirited renewal of the movement for Palestinian liberation. This political energy has been matched by new and exciting sounds coming from Palestine, notably the establishment of Radio alHara and the meteoric rise of Palestinian rap. As my people continue to fight Israeli colonial violence, songs like Daboor’s Sheikh Jarrah, named after the neighbourhood in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), provided an anthem to our continued resistance in Palestine and the diaspora. This playlist is dedicated to the living memory of the 2021 Unity Intifada.

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