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    Inner Ear Mixtape #5: Lu

    One of the things that is slowly killing me inside is the knowledge that I lack the discipline to keep a daily journal. Consequently, I will probably lose a large portion of my best memories and stories to the dusty recesses of my brain, next to the password to my first hotmail email account and trigonometric ratios I commited to memory for my Year 9 yearly maths exam.

    To try and achieve a modicum of self-preservation, instead, I’ve been saving music into monthly playlists in my phone for the past 6 years, according to when I discovered it. If I can resist the urge to cringe, it’s kind of lovely to scroll through the months and relive the beginnings of friendships, exciting holidays and a little bit of teenage heartsickness through the songs that soundtracked them.

    This mix is a collection of some of those tracks, namely the ones I have chucked on the aux with my mates over the past few years: they are good songs for cooking dinner together (with the occasional dance break), getting ready to go out, drinking coffee or wine on somebody’s deck, or playing on the car ride to the beach.

    Some of them remind me of 2019, when we used to go to gigs 3 or 4 nights a week and drip sweat on strangers and be completely chill about it; some of them remind me of 2020, when nobody had much work and we spent so much time with eachother, lying around in the sun in New Farm Park. The rest are recent obsessions, big cheese classics and mismatched lucky-dip favourites. I think it will maybe be the first time Carly Rae Jepson gets played unironically in the Double Double back-room.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Love Lu x

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