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    What was your favourite film or tv show of the last year?

    For me it would have to be “Vincenzo”, which is a K-drama available on Netflix.

    The story revolves around a Korean-Italian mafia consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano, who forcibly becomes a villain-turned anti-hero as he gets embroiled in a fight against a powerful corrupt law firm, Babel. The series is very satisfying as you watch Vincenzo, who only believes “evil can punish evil”, take matters into his own hands in a world where law is not enough to bring about justice, especially for those in power.

    I felt that the series didn’t follow the typical K-drama tropes and had a good combination of thrill, drama and comedy (the comedy may come across a bit exaggerated at times but was definitely necessary for those moments of relief) which made it stand out from all the other K-dramas I’ve watched to date.


    How do you stay grounded? What do you do to recharge?

    I do a lot of things to stay grounded, but I think the main things are practicing gratitude – like counting the small blessings that exist in my daily life, self-reflecting and keeping in touch with my faith. I think I have multiple ways of recharging depending on my mood.

    The homebody half of me loves to just lay down in bed, play piano and just watch videos whilst the other half loves to go out, eat food and explore new places with good company. These days I find myself going to a lot of lookouts, gardens or beaches to enjoy the scenic views and relax my brain without too much stimulation.


    What’s your favourite piece currently in store at DD?

    Currently, it would be the Paloma Wool Olivino Top. Loved it as soon as I laid my eyes on the gorgeous print and colour palette. The ruched detail at the side flatters the body really well and because it’s such a light weight fabric, I’d say it’s the perfect summer top – which can also be easily dressed up with the right bottoms and a touch of gold accessories.



    What was your favourite film or tv show of the last year?

    It’s a tie for me! I really enjoyed ‘Nomadland’, which I saw in the cinema, and also ‘20th Century Women’, which I watched for the first time on Christmas Day. Both movies made me think differently about the experiences of middle-aged women, whose stories don’t often get a lot of screen time in Hollywood blockbusters. Since the pandemic hit, I haven’t been making many long-term plans, but the two films’ protagonists made me excited for my future.


    How do you stay grounded? What do you do to recharge?

    I host a weekly community radio show with three of my best mates every Wednesday morning, and we always get bagels for breakfast afterwards. Swapping highly dramatised life updates with each other is my favourite part of the week. Sometimes we’ll go to Centenary Pool afterwards to swim laps – our top celebrity sightings there are Benjamin Law and Scott Morrison. I’m strictly a medium lane girl, and you won’t see me doing any tumble-turns off the wall, but I love how swimming clears my head, and I love buying a packet of salt and vinegar chips after I’m done.


    What’s your favourite piece currently in store at DD?

    I think Marilena Hewitt’s Platypus zine is first-class. Platypus is a must-read if you’re anxious about the future of our planet and eager to find the common beauty and humour in human experience. Muff approaches their subject matter with a tender curiosity and furious passion that is palpable to anybody who encounters their work. Issue 2, Salty, is currently on the shelves at DD, and is half-filled with Italian recipes by Muff’s mum, a hurricane of a woman who runs her own catering business.

    If anybody is looking for a good second or third date idea, I recommend making the pici recipe. It gives you something to do with your hands when there’s a gap in conversation and you get a sense of accomplishment when you’re done, without risking your dignity by resorting to something heinous like IKEA furniture assembly.

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