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    What’s the oldest piece in your wardrobe that you still wear?

    The oldest piece of clothing that I wear on the regular is an old pair of fuchsia pants that my mum bought from Millers in 2005. I stole them from her 10 years ago and still wear them to this day. I vividly remember wearing them to ‘free dress days’ in high school and even to my shift at Double Double last Thursday. They’re the dream pair of trousers: the perfect length and fit, and I don’t ever have to iron them — what more could you want? Oh, and they were technically free!


    Who’s your favourite underrated designer or label?

    There are three brands that I have been loving lately: Nico, Rosaleen, and Lawn Bowls. I wouldn’t say any of them are underrated, just small, and could always do with more eyes on them. A goal of mine this year was to centre more local female creators, designers, and labels, and all three of these brands are either based in Meanjin or run by women.

    Nico is an ethically transparent and sustainable underwear company run by a team of two women. They have amazing basics and staple pieces that kill it every season. I’ve found that they’re both super comfy and wearable, and made to last.

    Rosaleen is a local label run by Rosie Elkington. Rosie hand sews all of the appliqué, creates her own patterns, and buys her fabrics locally. I’m always so impressed by the amount of detail that she can put into a single garment; each piece is incredibly unique and timeless.

    Lawn Bowls has been blowing up on my Instagram feed for a while now. Finn is a local artist that specialises in glasswork and hand-moulds quirky plates and homewares from her Greenslopes studio. My favourite stores including Open House West End and the MoB Shop have started to stock her collection of homewares, which is a testament to the full-blown love affair that people have with her designs. I was fortunate enough to secure one of her pieces recently, and there is no mantelpiece in my apartment high enough to display it.


    What are your current go-to social media accounts or creators that you like?

    Where do I start!? There are so many Instagram accounts that I have been loving recently — from meme pages to fashion accounts — and I’ve listed them below.
    There should be a little bit of everything in there for everyone. I’ve been following some of these for years and others are new discoveries, but they are all huge sources of inspiration for me. Please enjoy!




    What keeps you inspired on a daily basis?

    Although I gain a lot of my inspiration from social media, mostly Instagram and Pinterest, my greatest source of inspiration are my friends and colleagues. I am surrounded by a multitude of talented creatives who constantly inspire me with new ideas related to both fashion and life in general.


    Do you have a favourite piece of styling advice?

    I wouldn’t say that I’m the first person people would turn to for styling advice, but if I were, then my go-to fashion tip would be “less is more”. I feel like a great outfit is all about having a signature statement piece, rather than wearing all your favourite pieces at once — I like to balance it out. Whenever I want to spice up my outfit, I always try and add a cool accessory, whether that’s a hat, beanie, or pair of platform shoes. I always feel really put together if I’m sporting something fun like that. If you’re wanting to make your outfits more cohesive and exciting, then I recommend starting to collect accessories and revamp your wardrobe using those; the possibilities are endless!


    What’s your favourite piece currently in store at DD?

    My favourite piece at Double Double at the moment is the Harvesty Short Coverall in One Wash. It’s the perfect transitional jacket for Brisbane weather — when those sunny days turn into cool winter nights. I love that it can be styled up or down, and that the denim and contrasting white stitching offer an element of formality to the piece. So, whenever I can’t decide what to wear, which is more often than not, I’ll throw on a basic top underneath the coverall, and voilà, it’s done! It’s the perfect piece if you have a relaxed personal style and need something that you can throw on anytime, anywhere.



    What do you do to recharge?

    On days that I’m really having trouble getting going, I usually have a nap, go for a run, grab a coffee, and then spend the night out on the dance floor — always in that order, and always does the trick.


    Do u gave a secret talent?

    My hidden talent is probably my perseverance in trying to improve in things that I enjoy but am not naturally gifted in. So…my hidden talent is trying to find my hidden talent. Of late, I’ve been attempting graphic design and even videography.


    What 5 songs do you have on repeat at the moment?

    3T – I need you
    Saint Germain – Sure Thing
    DJ Plead – Clap Clap
    Shanice – I love your smile
    Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida


    What was the last book that you loved?

    Theodore Zeldin – The Hidden Pleasures of Life

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