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    Nick Amezdroz helped start Pelvis (now an international record label/fashion brand) in 2014, and since then, he’s stepped out into the open, into the design world, and made his ideas a reality. Worldwind Worldwide makes clothing in dialogue with a trove of visual references, including garish 90s graphic design conventions and acid-rave flyerisms. It’s inspired by the world outside and it’s Nick’s way of making his ideas tangible — a multiverse of bright colours, wild sketches, and trippy designs.

    We had a chat with Nick about the brand, his design inspiration, and a few of his favourite things.

    How did Worldwind Worldwide come to be?
    In the early days of the business we made sure that ideas and sketches would never be scrunched up and forgotten. I always made sure to capture them with a scanning app that I had on my phone. Along with these doodles and some re-imagined imagery, we came up with our first few pieces.

    What inspired you to start WW? Is there a brand that you loved growing up? Or was it that you wanted to create something that you’d never seen before?
    I have always been interested art and design; however, growing up, I never really found a format that I was completely happy applying my works to. Around 10 years ago I started a party with my friends called ‘Pelvis’. These parties led to us creating some merch, which had an amazing response. Worldwind eventually became another way that I could be playful and express myself in other ways, like branding and brand identity. As I grew older, I found that I was spending less time in clubs and more time outdoors and with nature. Worldwind became a tangible way to project this new feeling and share it with others.

    Growing up by the beach also certainly shaped the way I interpreted and consumed designs in the fashion world, but it wasn’t necessarily the big surf brands that caught my eye. I remember being really interested in the more niche labels of the 90’s — brands like MCD, Volcom, and Hot Tuna. They were always producing bright and wild things. As a 12-year-old I found it so stimulating and inspiring. These loud and iconic designs are certainly still ones that I’m influenced by today when working on ideas and products.

    What aesthetic inspires you the most at the moment?
    I find that what I’m inspired by is not necessarily what I wear everyday. I’m now trying to be more considered in what I accumulate.  I’m conscious of making sure that every item I own has a purpose and place, and is not just something that I want or desire; more an object that I can see myself using and holding on to for as long as possible.

    What’s your favourite item in your current collection
    I don’t favour one item more than another, really. I have super small collections and this is generally because I only want to make items that I am completely stoked with. But, I’m particularly proud of the way the colours on the ‘More Magic’ T-shirt in Brown came out 😝. The blue is super POPPPPPY!

    What are your plans for the summer coming up?
    Summer is filling up fast! I’ll hopefully head up north for some beach time, into the mountains for some forest time and then way up north for some snow time (pending Japan opens up for then… fingers crossed).

    Favourite items in your studio?
    I guess I have 2 studios…one is indoors, one is outdoors. Most of my time outside is spent on my bike (which I guess is my favourite thing), either with friends or alone. I find that a considerable amount of my ideas come to me during this time. My apartment is my indoor studio. Although I have an office space that’s shared with my partner, I tend to find myself working all throughout our home (I am currently answering these questions on the couch). My favourite item here would have to be an artwork by the legendary, King Blade. I acquired this during a project for Pelvis Records, where we commissioned him to do the art for a release we were doing with Luca Lozano. It’s one of his iconic works that he produces on NYC subway maps.

    What’s your favourite underground dance/music group at the moment?
    Sadly, I actually find myself listening to far less music than I did in the past. I feel that this is simply because I used to party in clubs most weekends, but now I consume music in different ways. In saying that, Drexciya will always be the ultimate sound group for me. It’s forever appropriate — be it on the trail, in a club, on the train, and most certainly underwater.

    Some songs that you can’t get enough of at the moment?
    My favourite piece at the moment is undeniably Labrat 3

    What’s your favourite insta page at the moment?

    Describe your personal style in three words.
    Function, favourite, floordrobe.

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