032c Issue #37 Berlin Winter 2019/20


Berlin-based creative collective 032c’s twice-yearly publication has never been afraid to ask difficult, sometimes contradictory questions.

This issue delves in from the get-go. At its centre is a 40-page dossier titled ‘Black Hole Catalog’, a guide created by Interiors Agency proposing methods of survival for life in a world ravaged by the climate crisis.

With a focus on curated interiors for optimal living, this issue takes a whirlwind tour of creative heavyweights around the world. In Jamaica, we catch a glimpse of dub’s founding father, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s world. In India, we see the innovative public housing solutions being spearheaded by modernist architect Balkrishna Doshi. Elsewhere, musician Blood Orange talks ‘working and not working.’

Other features include a series of photographs of Jackie Self’s brutality London home directed by Dior designer Kim Jones; artist Tom Sachs in conversation with Uniqlo’s John C Jay; Undercover’s Jun Takahashi on finding depth in popular culture; and much more.

032c Issue #37 Berlin Winter 2019/20 1


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