Aries Column Ring - Silver


In less than 10 years, Italo-British label Aries have built a lasting iconography in their balancing act between high-brow and low-brow cultural influences, often using the latter to question the authority of the former. Their Greek ionic column logo goes right to the foundations of so-called Western civilization in their lampooning of notions of respectability.

Yet many of their pieces—of which the Aries Column Ring is a particularly poignant example—also achieve a level of beauty that blurs the line between mockery and homage. Since their inception, Aries have thrived in such areas of symbolic ambiguity.

Available in one adjustable size, the Aries Column Ring achieves a unique elegance in its manipulation of negative space. In doing so, the Greek ionic column appears not as a monolithic symbol, but an article of adornment.

Made from sterling silver 925.

Aries Column Ring - Silver 1 Aries Column Ring - Silver 2


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