Aries Mixed Sticker Pack - Vinyl


The Collection

Long-inspired by 90s youth subcultures, Aries look to the disillusioned and impassioned aura of that era once more for their first collection of 2021. This collection blends inspiration drawn from the rave culture that exploded in the UK of the 1990s with references to US West Coast surf culture and outdoor wear for a range of pieces replete with tie-dye and other psychedelic prints; negative space; exaggerated silhouettes; and provocative graphics. This season also sees the return of updated classic pieces featuring the label’s trademark tongue-in-cheek slogans and ancient Greek-inspired iconography.

This Garment

The Aries Mixed Sticker Pack includes 10 vinyl stickers of assorted sizes, each featuring a graphic drawn from the label’s latest collection.

Aries Mixed Sticker Pack - Vinyl 1


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