Butter Sessions Inflorescence Bag - Black / White

Butter Sessions

The Collection

With a roster of electronic musicians and DJs from across the world, for their range of apparel and accessories, Butter Sessions look back to their original stomping ground for collaborative relationships to bring their wares to life: the Naarm (Melbourne) dance music underground. Proudly championing artist, designer, and maker friends, BSR have never been ones to promote singularity in creative pursuits. Nor are their collaborations geared in any way towards hype; they are relationships that speak to a past and future in shared creative and physical spaces.

This first BSR collection at Double Double presents a range of colourful tees, sweats, and accessories, often making reference to organic matter and vegetation. No dilettantes, Butter Sessions are in the business of planting seeds and sticking around to watch them grow.

This Accessory

The word “inflorescence” can refer to several things, but all are related to flowers and flowering: the complete flower head of a plant including stems, stalks, bracts, and flowers; the arrangement of the flowers on a plant; or the process of flowering. Made for the Australian summer and the day trips it brings with it, the Butter Sessions Inflorescence Bag is a large, durable tote bag constructed from versatile (and alluring) PVC mesh honouring growth.

Brought together by the BSR Art Department and handmade in Naarm (Melbourne) by Ash Lawson, this bag features wavy patterns designed by illustrator and designer Molly Dyson. Here in the black and white colourway, the print is intended to fade over successive summers, hopefully unevenly for extra character. Large enough for records (of course), shopping, or day trip activities, this bag also features a woven Butter Sessions Records label on the face, heavy-duty handles, and an inside pocket with cord.

Hand made in Naarm (Melbourne) by Ash Lawson from PVC mesh.

Approximate Dimensions: H38 x W36 x D15cm.

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