Danton 2-Way Mini Tote Bag JD7100 - Mocha Brown


Canvas bags have proved an enduring obsession for Japanese labels. With their origins in military accessories and history in 20th-century middle-America, in Japan, the canvas backpack and closely related pieces have undergone a transformation. Though attempted by many, few Japanese labels have achieved the level of refined simplicity in canvas bag and luggage design as Danton.

Available in a number of colours from Danton’s earthy palette, the 2-Way Mini Tote Bag is a deceptively innovative canvas bag, evincing a sophisticated combination of simplicity and attention-to-detail. This is most evident in the bag’s unique three-piece construction. With two main pieces of canvas wrapped around and partly enveloping each other, the bag forms three pockets: a main compartment and mirror-image, symmetrical pockets on either face.

Here in the rich Mocha Brown colourway, the 2-Way Mini Tote Bag is able to be worn over the shoulder, across the body, or carried by the side. Other features include a reinforced handle with exposed stitching, an adjustable shoulder strap, and, of course, the woven Danton red diamond label on the face.

Made in Japan from 100% cotton.

Approximate Dimensions: H26 x W27 x D10cm.

Article Number: JD7100.

Danton 2-Way Mini Tote Bag JD7100 - Mocha Brown 1 Danton 2-Way Mini Tote Bag JD7100 - Mocha Brown 2


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