Den Souvenir Shroom Glass Pipe - Brown

Den Souvenir

The Collection

From their base in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ephemera merchants Den Souvenir sell one-of-a-kind objects from times passed while producing new future artefacts, sure to endure, if only for their weirdness. It’s hard to see this first Den Souvenir delivery to arrive at Double Double as a “collection.” Rather, living up to their name, the items, ranging from hemp knitted hats to glass pipes to a branded mug, appear more like mementos from a souvenir store-meets-headshop. This is no mistake though, but Den Souvenirs mission: exploring the aesthetics and emotional resonances of the superfluous objects borne of tourism.

This Piece

Paying homage to one legendary psychedelic substance, with a piece of paraphernalia intended for use with its more gentle cousin, the Den Souvenir Shroom Glass Pipe is the one-hit-wonder you’ve been looking for. Here in the brown colourway, the Shroom Glass Pipe is made for when rolling one up is too much, or just too much effort.

Made of glass blown in Chiang Mai.

Den Souvenir Shroom Glass Pipe - Brown 1 Den Souvenir Shroom Glass Pipe - Brown 2 Den Souvenir Shroom Glass Pipe - Brown 3


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Brisbane Q 4000
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