Lo-Fi Club Lo-Fi Nalgene Bottle - Clear


The Collection

The name of Perth label and store Lo-Fi is no trick: the brand takes aesthetic inspiration from all things lo-fidelity, musical, and video, shot through a tropical, psychedelic lens. While sibling label and precursor Butter Goods remains staunchly loyal to its mission of representing skate culture on Australia’s west coast, Lo-Fi is surrounded by an aura without self-seriousness, free to develop into an expansive aesthetic. Untied to any one particular subculture, lo-fi sources inspiration from across the sub-cultural and pop-cultural spectrum, with a particular affinity for the convergence between the notion of lo-fidelity and discarded objects and images from the past, either due to technological obsolescence or perceived irrelevance.

This Accessory

The only brand with a lifetime warranty on all their products, Nalgene has become revered among streetwear enthusiasts for the sheer quality of their products. It helps too that the unique shape of Nalgene bottles provides a large surface perfectly suited to graphic experiments. The Lo-Fi Club Lo-Fi Nalgene Bottle takes full advantage of the Nalgene as a translucent plastic canvas, with the seasonal ‘Club Lo-Fi’ graphic printed on the face.

  • Clear colourway
  • Narrow mouth opening
  • Seasonal ‘Club Lo-Fi’ graphic on the face
  • BPA Free
  • Leakproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Volume: 32oz (946ml)
  • Dimensions: H235 x Ø89mm
Lo-Fi Club Lo-Fi Nalgene Bottle - Clear 1 Lo-Fi Club Lo-Fi Nalgene Bottle - Clear 2 Lo-Fi Club Lo-Fi Nalgene Bottle - Clear 3


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Brisbane Q 4000
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