Maple Tommy Signet Ring - Silver 925 / Onyx


The Collection

Founded by Vancouver-based self-taught designer Austin McMahon, when it comes to the contemporary jewellery landscape, Maple stand alone. Inspired by the teals and blues of Vancouver Bay, Maple construct their unique pieces utilising inherited craftsmanship techniques combined with robust and durable materials. Rather than buckling to seasonal trends, the Canadian jewellery-makers slowly add and modify their pieces, with new collections occurring incrementally over years, not weeks.

This Piece

Maple’s solid sterling silver rings have become a signature for the label, forming the backbone of their collections. Thanks to McMahon’s self-taught design pedigree, Maple rings display a wide range of influences, from motorcycle culture to art-deco design principles.

The Maple Tommy Signet Ring—a staple for the Vancouver-based label—incorporates several classic Maple design elements from the label’s archive. This classic oval signet features an onyx stone set vertically in the face. Cast from high-quality sterling silver 925, the Tommy Signet Ring also features Maple’s bandana pattern engraved on the other; and hallmarking and Maple branding on the inside.

Made from sterling silver 925. 

Maple Tommy Signet Ring - Silver 925 / Onyx 1 Maple Tommy Signet Ring - Silver 925 / Onyx 2


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Brisbane Q 4000
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