Miracle Seltzer The New Society Tote - Natural

Miracle Seltzer

With a website displaying only a mobile number and an email suggesting that a reply is unlikely (miracle@miracleseltzer.com) and little available information on their founders or location, Miracle Seltzer are ensuring that they don’t lose their mystique. Their name, at least, isn’t so abstract: they actually are a seltzer (the American term for soda) manufacturer. Founded as an interdisciplinary art project by B. Thom Stevenson and Jason S. Wright, the label has built a cult following not only for its minimally designed cans of soda water, but also for its amusing repurposing of pre-digital era ephemera and playful references to the occult, all in the name of an optimism borne of necessity in dark times.

The Miracle Seltzer ‘The New Society Tote’ in natural is the perfect tote to take to your new book club. Constructed from lightweight organic cotton canvas, the face of this tote is screen-printed with three abstract figures and the words ‘Education Movement for a New Society’ and ‘House of Miracles Book Club.’ Given that all proceeds from the sale of this tote on Miracle Seltzer’s end go to buying books for the Richmond Public Library system from a local independent book store, it is clear that Miracle Seltzer are no nihilists. Zooming out a little, their heavy use of irony appears more as a coping mechanism than cynicism.


Made from 100% organic cotton.

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