Needles Shower Sandals - Track Line


The Collection

With the “Papillon” (French for “butterfly”) logo, Needles have found their enduring, if unlikely, symbol. Whereas other labels with animal logos choose to animate them as characters, the Needles Papillon remains elusive, maintaining the mysticism and allure associated with butterflies. This season’s collection contains a number of garments adorned with the Papillon, putting the label’s chosen silhouettes into flight.

This Piece

The sports recovery slide has seen a resurgence in recent years, becoming the defining leisure footwear piece of a generation. With the Needles Shower Sandles, a humble piece of footwear remains so. The Japanese label reimagines the slide with the same kind of attention-to-detail and lack of pretension that they bring to their reworkings of the classic tracksuit. These slides pay explicit homage to those tracksuits and the underlying philosophy that makes them, prominently featuring the iconic Needles track line stripes in purple. Here in black, these slides also feature a Needles logo printed in gold on the insole; an embossed Papillon motif on the side of the midsole; and a Papillon pattern on the bottom of the outsole.

Needles Shower Sandals - Track Line 1 Needles Shower Sandals - Track Line 2 Needles Shower Sandals - Track Line 3


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