Newend Stevedore Stud - Silver


Now based in Melbourne and Los Angeles, Newend have not let their trans-pacific expansion impact their operating philosophy. Standing firmly by the symbol that inspired the Newend logo— the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of eternal renewal—the label continues to produce jewellery as an anchor rather than adornment. There is a mindful, unhurried vitality to Newend’s pieces, which, in opposition to the season calendar that so dominates the fashion world, come and go irregularly, as do the best things in life.

If there is a sense of interchangeability between Newend earrings—all of which are sold individually—it is not because they are designed to match as such, but rather because they are all expressions of the same underlying design philosophy.

The Newend Stevedore Stud is a handmade hook-shaped stud earring, with a detachable, movable ball charm and backing. This silver earring evinces a kind of unassuming ornamentality, with a delicate symmetry created between the rounded end of the hook and the kinetic element provided by the small suspended ball.

Handmade in Melbourne from 100% sterling silver 925.

Newend Stevedore Stud - Silver 1


Level 1, 115 Queen St
Brisbane Q 4000
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