Platypus Publication Issue 02 - Salty

Platypus Publication

The Publisher

PLATYPUS is a print publication recognising unseen Australian icons hiding at the intersection of STOLEN LAND and culture in this anthropocene. It is not afraid to express ideas through casual poetry, semi-political, visual jest and bold gestures.

Australia has a lot of loud cultural icons drowning out the ugly truths of the land. PLATYPUS the publication, like the animal, is swimming somewhere between land and life- a rare breed of logical parts that make a unique and beautiful whole. It is an animal which, like any human, is tricky to categorise, but once seen for its beauty, humour and evolutionary brilliance, its complexities become much less muddled.

How can we start to casually find the undervalued, iconic freaks of culture- be they beautiful, humorous and meaningful people, occupations, animals, plants or objects- in the ugly truths of Australia’s inverse and guilty landscape?

This Publication

“SALTY is about exploring the sticky nuances of the mangroves and mudflats and to celebrate the most beautiful and mundane cultural icons in my life: my family. My mum, a cyclonic, Italian workaholic and, in contrast, my father, a calm but distant tugboat of kindness. It will share through poetry, artworks and anecdotes stories of climate change and rituals/relationships around salt-water and food and navigating queerness in a quintessential Australian/Italian nuclear family PLUS an Italian secret recipe book by my mother. The stories, poetry and imagery are honest and a little salty but made with an enormous amount of love and appreciation for my parents and the beautiful big tides I grew up on.”

– PLATYPUS founder Marilena Hewitt.

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