Pleasures Leatherface Air Freshener - Black


The Collection

Judging from their Instagram grid, it looks like Pleasures have abandoned the notion of seasons. Instead of collections as such, the irreverent label creates a cult around individual pieces that they release as they damn please. Their modus operandi remains the same, however, with the LA-based misfits taking aim at received wisdom wherever it tries to hide. Brand imagery, legendary bands, contemporary cultural and political symbols: nothing is off-limits for Pleasures.

This Accessory

The Pleasures Leatherface Air Freshener is about as far from your grandma’s pine tree air freshener as you can get.

  • Leather scented
  • Individually wrapped
  • Approximately 9cm tall
Pleasures Leatherface Air Freshener - Black 1


Level 1, 115 Queen St
Brisbane Q 4000
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