Pleasures Misery Jacket - Green


In a year marred by colossal uncertainty, we’ve never needed people to say it straight more than now. In 2020, facts are key. It is in no way controversial to say that Los Angeles-based label Pleasures have never been ones for subtlety. For this reason, the title of Alex James and Vlad Elkin’s label’s most recent collection, “metaphorically speaking,” is kind of confusing. With pieces featuring slogans that initially strike with the force of political declaration, we’re left looking for more. In short, Pleasures are fucking with us. Some things really are still business as usual.

Outerwear has always been where the Pleasures vision has come into full view, playing with textures, graphics, fit, and more to create designs that consistently unsettle preconceived notions of contemporary fashion. Military influences are dime-a-dozen in contemporary fashion. No label, however, incorporates military reference into their pieces while simultaneously disarming it quite like Pleasures.

The Pleasures Misery Jacket is a marquee piece of the label’s new collection. This vintage-style military liner jacket is constructed from a quilted knit poly-cotton blend fabric with a light fill. Though its tri-color construction is impressive, this piece really impresses when viewed from behind. The back of the Misery Jacket features four patches: a Pleasures logo adapted from the record label Sub Pop’s logo; a Rorschach inkblot test; an indecipherable 8 digit number; and a patch that reads “My Life is My Misery.” Like a Rorschach test, we’re left trying to find meaning from the seemingly meaningless. The Misery jacket also features ribbed cuffs, two curved front patch pockets, embroidery on the chest and front button closure.

Made from 95% polyester, 5% cotton.

Model is 187cm and wears size L.

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