Pleasures Pleasures Safe Touch Tool - Black


The Collection

Despite trademark provocative prints, pattern clashes and general impudence, new collections from LA-based misfits Pleasures arrive with little fanfare. This new season from the label is no different, in fact, without any uniting name or theme, it might be even more subdued than previous releases. Seemingly the only release information available were a series of posters on Instagram inspired by lacklustre ’90s catalogue imagery. Far from satisfied with churning out new provocative slogans and graphics, the label always finds novel ways to surprise.

This Garment

Truly an invention of the covid era, the Safe Touch tool exhibits the strange blend of novelty and functionality that so often attracts Pleasures. The Safe Touch tool is made for interacting in the public realm with minimal skin contact and potential viral transmission. Three uses are illustrated on the front of the packaging: opening doors, touching screens and touching buttons. The Safe Touch tool doesn’t just limit contact, it is covered in an antimicrobial powder that kills bacteria and viruses upon contact. This tool can easily be attached to your keyring.

Made in the USA.

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Level 1, 115 Queen St
Brisbane Q 4000
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