Real Bad Man Guest Key Chain - Blue

Real Bad Man

The Collection

Judging by their new seventh season—the first to be stocked at Double Double—energies at the Real Bad Man camp are at an all-time high. The label rounded out 2020 with a much-anticipated collaborative album with Detroit street rap innovator and Griselda Records signee Boldy James. In 2021, Adam Jay Weissman’s label shows no signs of slowing. In recent collections, the label has moved away from its thematic collections which, according to Weissman, became too constricting. Weissman has stated in interview that he founded RBM in search of creative control: “if I wanted to make tie-dye shirts with graphics all over them, it wouldn’t have to go through a panel discussion.” This new collection puts the label’s psychedelic-bent aesthetic on full display across a range of tees and accessories. With designs that express an expansive appetite for visuality and a gift for juxtaposition, RBM is living up to its founder’s vision.

This Accessory

Real Bad Man’s logo playfully subverts neighborhood watch’s watchman motif, transforming an emblem of the long arm of the law into one of criminality. This Real Bad Man Guest Key Chain features this logo printed on the face of a blue rubberized plastic keychain.

Approximate Dimensions: L5.3 x W3.5cm.

Real Bad Man Guest Key Chain - Blue 1 Real Bad Man Guest Key Chain - Blue 2

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