Undercover Chaos and Balance Bracelet UCZ4A03 - Silver


For more than 25 years Undercover, led by founder and head designer Jun Takahashi, has occupied a peculiar position on the fashion landscape. The Tokyo label is founded on the playful mocking of both high fashion and streetwear’s norms, an approach encapsulated in their “We make noise not clothes” motto.

Though the Undercover name has gained particular traction thanks to the label’s conceptual collections, theatrical runway shows, and high-profile pop-culture apparel collaborations, the label’s jewellery pieces have attracted particular attention in recent years.

The Undercover Chaos and Balance Bracelet expresses Jun Takahashi’s ability to strip pieces down to their most iconic elements while maintaining an aesthetic that is distinctly Undercover. Each link in this chain bracelet features one of two words: Chaos and Balance, one of the label’s mottos. This piece comes with a premium, branded, velvet-lined case.

Made in Japan from Sterling Silver 925.

Style Number: UCZ4A03.


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Brisbane Q 4000
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