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Danton W' Work Balloon Pants E0001 - French Blue


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Needles Medium Rebuild by Needles 7 Cuts Shirt 1 - Multi


Needles Track Jacket - Navy

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Pleasures Caffeine Polar Fleece Pant - Orange

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Built on the decades-long groundwork of two of Australia’s longest-running streetwear boutiques, Apartment and Violent Green, Double Double Store prides itself on providing a curated selection of labels from around the world. Never restricted to artificial corners of fashion, we select the best in global fashion, from the founders of Japanese streetwear to misfits provoking the ire of contemporary European high fashion. With a number of shipping options for domestic and international buyers, we seek to extend our global approach to everyone who shops with us.

A Leading Australian Streetwear and Fashion Boutique

Double Double Store represents a unique evolution of the traditional boutique clothing store model. Building on the legacies of Apartment and Violent Green, we extend this vision into curated collections. Though many of the most forward-thinking contemporary designers hail from Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York, we also strive to discover and promote labels from well beyond the world’s fashion capitals.

This vision wouldn’t be possible without the foundational collaboration behind Double Double Store. To this project, Nick and Ben Chiu, founders of Apartment, bring a decade and a half of engagement with and deep knowledge of Japanese streetwear, from its biggest names such as Neighborhood and WTAPS, to newer, more experimental labels like N. Hoolywood. Founded by Kim and Simon Sun, over its long history, Violent Green developed a reputation for a global outlook and an eye for the most innovative designers, particularly influenced by punk and hip hop sub-cultural cues.

In Double Double Store, these distinct sartorial imaginations have created something both proud of its respective histories, and entirely new. Born through collaboration, Double Double Store models collaboration without compromise and a collective innovative impulse far greater than the sum of its parts.

Learn more about us and our story for an insight into our respective histories and the wealth of experience that we draw from.

Global Fashion and Streetwear Online

Online clothing retailing presents unique challenges. At Double Double Store, we seek to translate to the digital realm as best we can the unique experience of exploring our physical space to people for whom coming to our brick and mortar store isn’t possible

Foundational to this is providing the information you need to make important decisions without being able to handle a garment yourself, try it on, and feel the weight of the fabric. The most basic information for this is the list of complete measurements, including inseam, rise, leg opening, waist, and chest, among others. Beyond this basic and necessary information, our detailed product descriptions provide accurate accounts of the features and construction of the pieces in our curated selections from designers from around the world.

Double Double Store and its predecessors Apartment and Violent Green were founded in order to bring the most innovative designers in global fashion and streetwear to the city of Brisbane. With reliable and quick delivery, both nationally and worldwide, we are proud to make buying apparel and accessories online as convenient as possible to our community in Australia and beyond. Check out our latest sales for men’s streetwear clothes for amazing deals.

Men’s Streetwear

At Double Double Store, we possess a unique pedigree in selecting the most forward-thinking designers and labels in contemporary streetwear and global men’s fashion. When it comes to labels, we look for the unique characteristics that define the world’s most innovative labels, be it the famed utility of Tokyo-based WTAPS, or the forward-thinking research fabrics of Italian material experimentalists Stone Island.

Built as we have a unique community in our home city of Brisbane, one of the most important things we look for in a label is a unique and authentic engagement with the label’s home-city and street culture. We are proud to promote labels that define themselves far beyond the traditional boundaries of a clothing label. Patta’s long-running commitment to Amsterdam music culture, Fred Perry & Raf Simon’s engagement with the unique subcultural histories of Great Britain, or the psychedelic music/fashion label that is Good Morning Tapes. See our men’s wear section for the latest arrivals from labels based in Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, and beyond.

Women’s Streetwear

The term streetwear has overtly masculine connotations, with foundational sartorial influences in military and workwear. However, in recent years, many labels owned by women have created collections that refuse the false dichotomy between functionality and ornamentality evoked in normative distinctions between menswear and womenswear.

Influenced by Parisian understated cool, London grit, and the enduring principles of Japanese style, labels such as Danton and LF Markey have reinvented 20th-century workwear with women in mind. Others have reconfigured the feminine icons of yesteryear with contemporary nuance, for example, Sun Buddies, a label inspired by the sunglasses Bibi Andersson wore in Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1966 film Persona.

When it comes to creating a more ethical global fashion world, womenswear brands from Australia and New Zealand have been re-imagining what sustainability means for fashion as a practice and industry. Conceiving of sustainability in a holistic sense, labels such as New Zealand’s Kowtow and Melbourne’s Post-Sole Studio embrace sustainable and ethical design and production practices as constraints that demand creative responses, working with them to redefine how we perceive elegance and utility.

See the women’s sale page for the latest deals.

Shopping with Double Double Store

If you are based in or happen to find yourself in Brisbane, you can find our physical space away from the bustle of the CBD below on Level 1, 115 Queens Street, Brisbane, QLD, 400. If you’re based elsewhere or out of the country, our full range of curated streetwear and global fashion is available on our online store. We offer prompt delivery throughout Australia via courier as well as swift global shipping with DHL Express.

If you would like to learn more about shipping or other matters, please visit our FAQ section or call us on +61 7 3210 2003.

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Brisbane Q 4000
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