Established 2019 does not do justice to the years of experience that Double Double’s four partners bring to this new endeavour. Their previous ventures Apartment and Violent Green, two of Brisbane’s longest running boutiques, were also amongst the city’s most impactful.


With the move into the new Queen street space in November, 2018 Violent Green and Apartment came under one roof, building on a long-evolving relationship. Founded in 2004 and 2006 respectively, Violent Green and Apartment have been in dialogue since opening their first stores in the Elizabeth Arcade. Double Double is the logical end-point of this trajectory of collaboration and mutual support.


Double Double prides itself on offering some of the world’s most forward-thinking designers in a curated space free from high fashion pretensions. This dedication to both innovation and approachability is reflective of the streetwear pedigree of the store’s predecessors. Considered yet unrestricted, Double Double champions labels that playfully interrogate conceptions of street, luxury, and the everyday in equal measure.

Find Double Double at Level 1, 115 Queen Street, Brisbane Australia.

Level 1, 115 Queen St
Brisbane Q 4000
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